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Laura Arrowsmith

for Saugus School Board


Why I'm Running for School Board

The parking lot conversation.  We've all had them.  Sometimes the most significant conversations happen after the meeting is over and we've gathered to compare notes.  Last spring, in a parking lot, Peggy listened to my comments, looked me in the eye, and said, "You should run."   As a teacher and trainer, I've heard, "You should become an administrator," or "You should be a consultant," and yes, "You should run for office."  This time was different. 

As I considered Peggy's words, I thought about the many times someone else saw potential in me before I saw it in myself.  Terry recruited me to work in professional development.  Leslie encouraged me to work towards National Board Certification.  Patricia judged my graduate school paper good enough to present at a history conference.  Even in n spin class, Jackie's unwavering belief that I can push harder inspires me to do exactly that. 

I love learning, and I love making it possible for others to learn.


The decision to run shouldn't be based solely on others'encouragement.  As I've reflected on what I have to offer as a board member, I've realized that I can make a positive difference in our community.

Education has been my life's work.  I love learning and I love making it possible for others to learn.  To me, nothing beats working on a team to improve teaching and learning.  So much in education has changed since my sons attended Mountainview Elementary School.  I want to make sure that, in this rapidly changing and modern world, our students receive the best education possible in the safest environment, and that our teachers have every available opportunity  to improve their craft.  

I was raised to take initiative and get involved.  I am seeking a seat on the Saugus School Board to be the voice of my community.  As a teacher with nearly 30 years in the classroom, I can apply a teacher's perspective to addressing the challenges our schools face.  As a school board member, I will bring focus, energy, enthusiasm, and integrity  to the job.  I pledge to listen to teachers, parents, and administrators and act on what I hear.  With your support, I can improve student achievement and meet the needs of our community.  I need your vote on November 6th.